About the Photographer

In my earliest memories, I somehow always ended up with a camera in my hand. From the toy camera at preschool or the Polaroid and digital cameras my parents wouldn't let me touch, it was obvious from a young age I was going to be involved with the world of photography. At 10, my parents FINALLY decided to cave and buy my first camera, sure it was a disposable, but in my mind I was on my way. As the years went by and I grew from a child to a teen I learned to not just be in awe of an amazing photo, but to study it and become a student of the art. Now as an adult I've been given the opportunity to travel and capture the beauty our world has to offer.



My biggest inspirations come from National Geographic and Time photographers. They have always excelled in capturing the emotions of seeing a lion on the hunt or the incredible moments of Man. I edit with the explicit purpose to convey those emotions in my photography, so that you can experience the world through my lens.